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Stage Before Listing

(Or Buy, Move-In, Stage, and then LIST)

Are you thinking of selling your home.  Now is a great time to start preparing.  Call for a free consultation.  You will find what needs to be done to prepare the home for the best presentation before you list, to gain the most equity from your investment.

Do you want to know what repairs and updates might be on a particular home?  No problem, give me a call, or fill out a form, and upload some pictures. We will provide you with Our Proposal, addressing each item separately. 


We will also provide Our Estimate, with recommendations, and the approximate cost to perform each maintenance, and repair item. on an inspection or just for your own knowledge.  This Member Service is Free of Charge.

As-is contracts, the most common contract used, can and should be negotiated.  Get an estimate and find out what it will take to get the home where all there is to be done is move-in and come home.  Find out what it will take to get the property in the best condition possible, and negotiate a fair credit for repairs.

Thank you for your interest in Jewels of Florida.  Any other questions?  Please fill out an Information Request.

Buyers & Sellers

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