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DIY Seller Considerations


You’re home is your most valuable asset! Of course Owner’s want to get as much as possible for their home. For that reason many are weighing the pros and cons of using a Realtor.

What is the value/trade off to handle the transaction without representation compared with the perceived savings of 3% Sellers commission for a Realtor to represent them? It is not the intention to scare homeowner’s from going the FSBO route, but you should make yourself aware of and understand what the buying/selling process entails in the area you are buying/selling in.

Here you will find valuable information, including how to avoid and recognize some of the common mistakes, tips and stories you may encounter on your journey to give you a little idea of what you might encounter. As always, Please don’t hesitate to contact a professional Realtor (like me!) with any questions you may have during the process and I will do my best to help you, and if I can’t I know someone who can.

I would like to welcome you to email me with any questions you may have. I offer both free and paid services. I promise to add valuable representation, and guidance to my customers.


As a Realtor, I can answers whenever you need them with a quick phone call, or I can come visit. The homeowner can customize how they use my services in the sales process, by showing up at inspections, and appraisals, showings to buyers, open houses etc.

For instance, perhaps you would like to offer a private showing to your potential buyers, you go away from the home and as your Realtor I stay to represent you and your home. In this way and more you can not only customize, but estimate how much Realtor fees you will pay prior to the final sale of your home. Buyers are weary of FSBO, they feel that they may be too emotional, causing them not to want to deal with them. Anything you can do to ease the buyer’s apprehension, and show them that you are serious about selling, and you will handle the transaction in a professional manner. There is a reason I say, if you are serious about selling. Buyers believe that DIY Seller's are uneducated in the real estate process, and will back out of the sale at the last minute, resulting in costly legal matters, or annoying delays. The Buyer may not even entertain the idea of a DIY Seller.

Along with this representation, you will gain additional peace of mind from the fact that someone is there to watch over your home as you give the buyers a chance to let them envision themselves and their furniture for themselves, without them feeling as if your right around the corner. If they feel as if the are being watched they will not take the wanted and needed extra time to really get to see your home. So if you’re going to be there, do not overcrowd them. Stay out on the patio when the are in the house and visa versa. A Realtor is considered a professional, or possibly an annoyance, but it typically will not stop them from saying what is on their mind.

When an Owner is thought to be within earshot, they will clam up. And that’s not good. They will be unable to raise objections and work though the possible solutions while you are there. Give them time and the space they need to really get to know your home.


Buyers will perceive, even subconsciously, that your home is special when you are confident enough to leave your home in the care of a professional Realtor. This shows a pride of ownership and that is a great way to help the perspective buyer feel an added value. Additionally, it demonstrates a certain pride that comes with owning your property. Working with me as your qualified Realtor, you can help the buyer be confident and satisfied with not only a Realtor’s representation at some key moments of the sale process. You would be encouraged to show the buyer how you feel about your home by presenting it in the most favorable light. Show it off as if someone very important were coming to stay.


Show how you have paid attention to every detail.  If they don’t notice, that’s a good thing!  The cleaner and more move-in ready the home the better. I say, go well beyond that! I promise you, showing your home in optimal condition could get you as much as $25,000 extra out of your home. I don’t know about you but I’d put many hours into cleaning for $25,000!  And I did!  See examples of how I went about putting my house up for sale.


It is recommended that you have a title company chosen prior to advertising your home for sale.  It is Florida law that a bank you would like to use for holding escrow, or running credit checks etc. Many buyers who come to the open house are really just “looking”, so to weed through these interlopers, ask that they get qualified by this bank, and give them the information.  Ask them to provide an approval letter from the bank with any offer they may present.

If you’re really serious, perhaps you should consider meeting with a Title company, a Bank, and an Attorney.  Do this as soon as you decide to sell your home.  Don’t wait until the end like most DIY Sellers.  Be well prepared before you even begin to market your home for sale.  

Let them know that you are DIY Seller.  Then ask them about the services they offer  Usually these meetings are absolutely free.  Honestly, what can it hurt?  And it will be worth it because any knowledge and help you can get by using the professionals is worth it!  I can confidently refer you to these company’s, because they are the same professional businesses I use. here at Realty Group, Boca Raton, FL.  Let them know Juli Kintzler of United Realty Group referred you, and you will get a discount.  

At the very least make use of the valuable information here with examples and alerts to areas of particular importance where careful consideration may possibly save you thousands.  Empower yourself with knowledge and avoid costly, avoidable mistakes. Here you will find information on specifics in the contract, types of loans, inspections, appraisals, attorneys, closing costs, staging (very Important!) and more.

You’ll find it here, when you get there! Give us a call.

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