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Preparing Your Home for Sale


Show how you have paid attention to every detail. The cleaner and more move-in ready the home the better. I say, go well beyond that! I promise you, showing your home in optimal condition could get you as much as $25,000 more equity from the sale of your home. I don't know about you, but I'd put many hours into cleaning for $25,000!


The importance of cleaning and staging the home for sale cannot be understated or over- emphasized. As the buyer approaches the home, curb appeal is paramount. the driveway should be pressure cleaned and painted, if necessary. Additionally, planting some flowers will go a long way to show off the property. The first showing must capture the attention of the buyer in the most appealing and positive way.

De-clutter closets and remove excessive items on the shelving, etc. Ultimately, a de-cluttered, organized, and clean home will enhance the home's best attributes. And it appears larger! If you are not using a professional staging company, remember less is more. If possible, remove any unnecessary furniture, keeping only the main furniture such as, the couch and chairs, kitchen table (not the D.R. Furniture), end tables. The packed boxes, excess furniture, etc. should not be put in the garage, on the porch, or anywhere it can be seen. It’s best to get a storage unit, or a PODS-like container, as Jewels of Florida does.

Use decorative accents, such as glass bowls, and vases with flowers. Personal accessories such as pictures, religious and political items and extra sundries in the bathroom should be removed. Remember Equity is the goal. Now is not the time to be stubborn or make a statement.

Everyone knows paint is one of the least expensive improvements. However, if you can't paint all the walls, choose wisely, and carefully paint all the baseboards with a nice, crisp, white.


Pay particular attention to details such as the tracks for sliding glass doors, and bathroom corner areas, and a big one people often miss, the patio. The patio can make or break a deal in Florida.

Replace ripped screening, pressure clean the floors and walls, place a nice size seating area, relative to the size of the room. Clean the fans if necessary and replace the fan blades. Make it look comfortable and inviting.

Don't forget the garage either. And do not use it as a catch-all for the items you remove. The

garage should be almost as clean as your house. Organize any shelves, if you haven’t removed all items already, as recommended. Clean all shelving, and apply fresh paint.

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