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Getting the Best Price

In this market, staging could get you even more money!  Staging is hands-down the best thing you can do to get the highest and best offers.  I’ve seen some prime examples of what homes can look like with staging and without!  Some homeowner’s know they can get a good price, so they think, “why bother with staging?”. Staging a home properly can get you $25,000 or more for your home.  Some people report much higher.  Just think, your home will be the cleanest, brightest, move-in ready home.  Buyer’s are certainly going to take notice!  They will immediately feel a sense of pride in the home, and that spirit of pride becomes value and worth.  Buyer’s won’t hesitate to offer more money for the cleaner, nicer home!

Staging… Think declutter, clean, and keep it simple.  Pretend you’re a minimalist!  Staging is the most important step!  Don’t skimp here! 

A comparative market analysis (CMA) with price suggestions is included with the home staging, as they are so closely intertwined.  Staging and Pricing are the two most crucial steps for a quick, top dollar offer.  Obviously, all steps are crucial for a successful transaction to take place, however none affect the price more than staging and pricing.   Whatever you do, do not over-price!

Let us help you consider some great ways we can improve and stage your home, and put a plan together to market and sell your home to gain the most equity from your investment.  Let us help you get it right the first time and sell faster.

Call Us Now to get started,  561-336-1024

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